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Andhra Pradesh Unit - Public Information Officers(PIOs)
S.No. Name of Office/administrative unit Name & Designation of PIO Email ID ContactNo
1 Administration &Finance Section, Head Office Sri B.Prakasa Rao, General Manager (A&V and F&IA) (I/C), 040-23324190 (O) 040-23066916 (R) Fax: 040-23394130
2 Marketing & PublicDistributionSystem(PDS), Head Office Sri V.Venkata Ramana, General Manager (PDS) ( FAC ), 040-23310429 (O) 040-23355445(R) Fax: 040-23324180
3 Engineering, Head Office Sri G.N.V.Prasad , Executive Engineer(I/C) ee@ 040-23311439 (O) 040-23413032 (R) Fax: 040-23310474
4 Zonal Office, Kakinada Sri A.Krishna Rao, Zonal Manager(I/C) zmkkd@ 95884-2363886(O) 95884-2376345 (R) Fax:95884-2378809
5 Zonal Office, Kadapa Sri T.Krishnaiah AM(G), Zonal Manager (FAC), Kadapa zmkdp@ 958572-233040 (O) -------- (R) Fax:------
6 Zonal Office, Kurnool Sri N.Krishna Reddy, Zonal Manager (I/C) zmknl@ 958518-236362 (O) ----- (R) 9848789043 (Cell)
7 Zonal Office, Vijayawada Sri M.M.Vara Kumar, Zonal Manager(I/C) , zmvij@ 95866-2570637 (O) Fax: 95866- 2484314(R)
8 Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam Sri R.Venkateswara Rao, Zonal Manager (FAC). zmvzq@ 95891-2723273 (O) 95891-2723273 (R) Fax:95891-2704373
9 District Office, Ananthapur Sri G.V.Nagaraja Rao AM(G), District Manager (FAC),Ananthapur dmatp@ 958554-275536 (O) 958554-278629 (R) Fax:958554-275536
10 District Office, Chittoor Sri E.N.Jaya Ramulu AM(Tech.), District Manager (FAC), Chittoor dmctr@ 958572-233040 (O) 958572-233083 (R) Fax:233040-231858
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Assistant Public Information Officer(s)(APIO) List